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Because exceptional quality means having an eye for the finest detail, we are constantly searching for the most beautiful natural gems, exquisite because unique. Set in rose gold, the green hue of the natural sapphire sits in delicate contrast with the subtle brilliance of the diamonds.

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All our pieces are made to order and delivered in under 3-4 months week period. Delivery times can be shortened if necessary.

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We are proud to practice ethical and sustainable sourcing for our collections. All our pieces are made with recycled gold that has received the RJC “Chain of Custody” certification, ensuring traceability and allowing gold to be reused an unlimited amount of times, limiting our carbon imprint and guaranteeing a circular economy that benefits our artisans.

Reference number: BAGUE YASMINE

The Yasmine ring is created in our Parisian workshop in 18K rose gold (750‰) with a 1.06-karat natural green sapphire surrounded by 32 DVS-quality diamonds.