An Impassionated Heritage

Maison Artaner Paris is the story of an impassioned family heritage, starting with a Master Jeweler and father,
who, for over 30 years, lent his artistry to some of the most prestigious Parisian jewelers.
From the impulse of this audacious passion, a partnership between mother and daughter was born, a collaboration graced with a rich emotional and artistic bond.

After a successful career as a management strategy consultant, Mounia
returned to her first loves: precious stones and freehand sketching. Eager to fully share her husband’s love for the art of French jewelry,
she completed her training at the prestigious École du Louvre in Paris.

 And her daughter Tamar, a graduate of the esteemed French business school L’ESSEC, was never far behind.
Immersed since childhood in the poetry of precious stones, and inspired by the mastery of artists such as her father,
Tamar knew that her destiny would one day be fulfilled in this passionate heritage.

 Together, they have created a first collection, in soft colours of a subtle palette,
from golden Lapis-lazuli blue to dazzling ruby. 

Mounia et Tamar maison artaner

Our travels make and remake us,
they reinvent us.

Maison Artaner jewelry bears the imprint of the origins of its founders. One is enraptured, as if transported, through time and location.
From the refinement of the riads of Marrakech to the treasures of Topkapi.
The use of rose gold, for which they share a particular fondness, is a loving nod to the ‘Ochre City’.
A byzantine splendour is evident in their signature designs.

The small, interlocked circlets that adorn their pendants and rings pay tribute to the exquisite architecture of Istanbul’s wooden sea mansions, the ‘Yeli’.
The City of Lights spills over into a millegrain mounting, an ode
to Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, a known devotee of art and literature.
This new Parisian offering is a distillation of many trips and encounters, revealing an essence of skill and sophistication.

Each piece of Maison Artaner jewelry tells a story inspired by a sketch, garden or spice.
Symbolic of femininity and finesse, Maison Artaner’s creations
slip with ease and elegance into every wardrobe, as the piece of jewelry that one wears every day, at every hour and in every circumstance.

Maison artaner

Giving life to our savoir-faire


Artaner Paris remains profoundly faithful to the traditions and techniques of French high jewellery.
The Maison wishes to defend artisanal work and feels blessed to be able to collaborate
with some of the best Parisian artisans, rich with many years of experience: founders, engravers, setters, enamellers…

So much talent and passion at the service of excellence and creativity.

Maison artaner

Within this artistic universe, both timeless and of its time, the tools employed proudly bear the same names, names that have not changed for almost two centuries. These collections have something of the eternal, an ageless elegance with an aura of the future.

Each piece has been imagined, dreamt up, sketched in the heart of our Parisian workshop.
Many hours of passion, precision and craftsmanship have composed this ode to elegance in motion.

Our philosophy


Artaner Paris’ vision is one of timeless elegance imbued with strong principles.
Our process is aligned with our ethical values, in keeping with a desire for purity, traceability and the return to an artisanal heritage and culture.

The Maison operates within a clear, ethical framework, as demonstrated by its
« No Dirty Gold » collection
To cater to its needs in fine gold, Artaner Paris has chosen the foremost founder and refiner in France,
certified RJC ‘Responsible Jewelry Council’. This certification guarantees processes
that are respectful of human rights and environmental standards, at all levels of the supply chain, from mine to store counter.

Maison artaner

Artaner Paris’ pieces are created in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.
These alloys are all stamped 750%, the standard used in the most prestigious fine jewelry houses.

To provide clients with a guarantee of the highest quality,
Artaner Paris has stamped each piece with an 18-karat hallmark depicting the head of an eagle.
For more information, please visit the RJC website.

Maison artaner

Mindful of ethical standards in the mining of diamonds, Artaner Paris is committed to working with licensed exporters,
signatories of the UN Kimberley chart that seeks to prevent conflict diamonds from entering legitimate trade.
Humane and environmentally friendly concerns are at the heart of their creations.
A symbol of love and commitment, diamond jewelry cannot be conceived without a conscience...