1. Maison Artaner Paris ?

Our creations are defined by an exceptional French savoir-faire. We hold our traditions dear, nourished by decades of passionate craftsmanship. One golden rule: that of unique elegance and shared passion and inspiration!

2. Where are Maison Artaner’s creations made? 

All our creations are made in our Parisian workshop.

3. What differentiates Maison Artaner’s gold from others?

We are proud to practice ethical and sustainable sourcing for our collections. For our fine gold, we are supplied by the foremost French refiner, who is certified RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council), thus ensuring the traceability of the precious metals. This certification guarantees a supply chain that is respectful of human rights and of the environment.

Our jewellery is created in yellow, white and rose gold. The alloys we use are 754 thousandth (a reference for the most prestigious jewellery Maisons.
All our pieces are stamped with the ‘Eagle Head’, the French state stamp that guarantees 18-karat quality.

As French artisans, we also stamp our jewellery with the ‘Master’s stamp’ (or hallmark of responsibility), represented by a canary.

Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, detailing its 18-karat weight in gold.

4. How are the precious stones and diamonds selected?

Wishing to best meet our customer’s requirements, we pay close attention to the selection of our precious stones. We are delighted to offer natural stones selected with passion with our French gem cutters (Ceyland Saphires, Lake Baikal Lapis-lazuli, Rubies from Sri Lanka). Our natural pavament diamonds meet the 4C criteria, with D-E-F (extra extra white) grade colour and VS grade clarity.

We have made the choice to collaborate exclusively with signatories of the UN endorsed Kimberly Process charter, to put and end to the trade of diamonds sourced in war zones.

5. Is it possible to adjust the size of my ring, or to engrave a message?

We are happy to provide a free adjustment service and guarantee to ship your ring back to you within 7 days.

For personalised engravings, our customer service can study the feasibility of your request. Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form on our website: contact@artanerparis.com

6. How can I measure my ring or wrist size?

Our bangle bracelets are created in one standard size (size 17).
However, we would be happy to adjust this size to your wrist.
To measure your wrist, you can use a tape measure. Adjust the tape measure around your wrist to read the measurement.
For a measurement of 14.5cm, choose a 15cm bracelet for comfort.
Our bracelets and our chain necklaces are all adjustable for a perfect fit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions concerning size or fit: contact@artanerparis.com You can download a size guide here.

You can download a size guide here

7. Is it possible to have a piece of jewellery made-to-measure

Artaner Paris is delighted to offer its expertise in creating unique pieces. Share a dreamlike moment with us to design an engagement ring, a pendant or earrings. For further information please contact us at: contact@artanerparis.com

8. How are my orders delivered?

Your jewellery is precious and delicate, and we will take the greatest care in preparing it for shipping. Each piece is slipped into a high quality case, in the colours of the Maison.

Personalised gift cards:

Each case is sent with a quality gift card for personal messages.You may also select a gift card with an inscribed message, carefully selected by the Maison.

9. Is my order insured?

All shipping is insured by our partners, Colissimo and Fedex.

Orders from France:

We offer free shipping for all orders from mainland France, including Corsica. We guarantee shipping within 15 working days.

Orders from outside France:

For orders placed outside of France, we ship within 20 working days.
For more information, please refer to the detailed table on our home page.

10. Is my payment secure?

In order to ensure the security of online payments, we have put in place a 3-D secure payment system with our partner, la Société Générale.
Your bankcard details are transmitted and encrypted directly by the bank and will never be stored on our e-shop www.artanerparis.com

11. What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept CB, MasterCard®, Visa®, American Express® and Paypal.

12. How can I exchange or return an item?

Maison Artaner Paris offers the possibility of exchanging your order within a 14day period (beginning upon reception of your order). Please refer to the general terms and conditions for more details (Article 7).

To make a request, please contact us at contact@artanerparis.com Returns must be sent within 14 days to the following address:

Maison Artaner Paris: 46, rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris You may download the request form here.

You may dowload the request here

13. How long will it take to receive a refund?

Upon receiving your return, we will examine the article and refund you within 25 days. Please see the general terms and conditions for more information.

14. How can I take care of my jewellery?

Your jewellery has been made in the tradition, and with the exceptional savoir-faire, of French craftsmanship. Our great Parisian artisans have taken great care in crafting pieces that will be with you all day, every day.

How to care for your jewellery:
Soak your jewellery in a small bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of mild soap. Leave it in for a few minutes to loosen accumulated dust and dirt. All our stones are natural and have been hand-chosen with passion. You merely need to protect them.

Store each piece separately to avoid friction and scratches.

15. How does the e-shop work?

Our online store is available to all connected users 24/7, with the exception of occasional maintenance operations authorised by us and by our contractors.

16. How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

If you wish to receive updates about new releases and private sales, sign up to our newsletter by ticking the appropriate box as you create an online account, or sign up directly by typing your email address in the newsletter box.

17.  How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

If you no longer wish to receive our newsletter, you may unsubscribe by clicking on ‘My Account’ and then ‘Newsletter’.

18. How can I get in touch with Maison Artaner Paris? If you have a question:

If you have a question: 

By email: contact@artanerparis.com

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