Engagement rings

Starting at 3 750 €

The quality of the oeuvre reveals the artistry of the artisan

In keeping with our beautiful heritage, the Maison provides a made-to-mesure service that commands the nobility of haute joaillerie craftsmanship.
From hand-drawn designs to the selection of precious stones with a delicate mounting, we seek to craft the ring that befits you. Each step is meticulously prepared with you.

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All our pieces are made to order and delivered in under 3-4 months week period. Delivery times can be shortened if necessary.

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Our collections are crafted in Paris, made upon request only. We employ sustainable production methods, using recycled gold that has received the RJC “Chain of Custody” certification, ensuring traceability and allowing gold to be reused an unlimited amount of times, limiting our carbon imprint and guaranteeing a circular economy that benefits our artisans.


Our Iris ring is crafted in 750‰ white gold. The Maison’s savoir-faire shows in the delicate and refined curves adorned with a 1-carat fine jewelry quality diamond surrounded by 18 stones diamonds paving. The subtly of the precious metal allows the exquisite diamonds to take centre stage.