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Our wedding ring collection is inspired by Art Deco design. The solitaire ring Varenna is fiery, full of character. Striking and yet delicate, its geometrical but graceful lines seduce and mesmerise. Set in the centre, a red ruby glows with heat and passion, adorning Varenna with a silky touch.

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All our pieces are made to order and delivered in under 3-4 months week period. Delivery times can be shortened if necessary.

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We are proud to practice ethical and sustainable sourcing for our collections. All our pieces are made with recycled gold that has received the RJC “Chain of Custody” certification, ensuring traceability and allowing gold to be reused an unlimited amount of times, limiting our carbon imprint.

Reference number: VARENNA

Our Varenna ring is crafted in our Parisian workshop with the savoir-faire of French fine jewelry making. It is adorned at the centre with a 1.53-carat natural oval-cut ruby, surrounded by 4 baguette diamonds and a 12 brilliant-cut diamonds. Our diamonds and precious stones are selected for their fine jewelry quality and their compliance with UN approved traceability and ethical standards.